¡De Aventura! 3 Exercise Book
¡De Aventura! 3 Exercise Book

¡De Aventura! 3 Exercise Book


Exercise book

Also available in an interactive version (coming soon)

For students of 6th primary grade (A1.3)

¡De Aventura! 3 is the third book in a series of five textbooks for children and teenagers from the 4th to the 8th grade of primary school (10-15 years old). On the pages of the series, you will be swept away into an immersive world of Spanish adventures, accompanied by its the protagonists: Leon, Sofía and their whole gang of friends, pets and... dragons. ¡De Aventura! is a unique textbook, because both the characters and the level of content and language follow the students, adapting to their age and knowledge. The books are designed to provide effective, efficient and fun learning at the same time.

Table of contents

  • Unidad 0

    Talking about oneself, giving addresses.

  • Unidad 1

    Nationalities, moods and humor, tastes and preferences (verb "gustar"), verbs: "tener," "ser," "estar," "llamarse," "vivir."

  • Unidad 2

    Types of houses, descriptions of the neighborhood (verb "poder"), description of a room (verbs "estar" and "haber").

  • Unidad 3

    School subjects and class schedules, free time and weekends (conjugation of regular and irregular verbs), daily routine (conjugation of regular and irregular verbs).

  • Unidad 4

    Organizing a party (making and rejecting suggestions), grocery shopping (different product packages, verb "tener que"), cooking (direct object).

  • Unidad 5

    Food products (much/little), sports (possessive adjectives), healthy habits (verb "tener que").

  • Unidad 6

    Traveling (forming questions), nature trips (verb "preferir"), traveling abroad (periphrasis "ir + a + infinitive").

  • Culture



About the authors


Assistant in the Department of Spanish Philology at the University of Lodz, appointed teacher. She conducts classes in practical Spanish language teaching and didactics, methodology of teaching Spanish and modern technologies in the teaching profession. Author of a blog with creative materials for teachers of Spanish oleedu.pl. She has many years of experience teaching older children, adolescents and adults. Author and co-author of numerous publications, courses, trainings and webinars on language teaching. She won three prestigious awards at the Summary of the Innovation Movement in Education - 'Innovation Wizard' (2015), 'Social Competence Wizard' (2016), 'Teacher Innovator' (2017). In her work she focuses on learning based on positive emotion.

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Graduate of Spanish philology at the University of Lodz, appointed teacher with many years of experience in teaching children and adolescents. On a daily basis, she works as a Spanish language teacher and tutor at XII L. O. named after Wyspianski in Lodz. She also hones her teaching and educational skills at the Maria Montessori Elementary School 'Your School' in Łodz. She approaches her work with children and young people with great passion and commitment. She is a coordinator of various school projects improving the quality of school work and, above all, teaching key competencies to young people. She is a fan of the Basque Country, where she perfected the Spanish language.

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